The series of automatic insulating glass lines suitable for the production of Double & Triple IG units.
Sturdy and reliable machine that ensures quick cycles times.

The plant is composed by:
• Loading conveyor washing machine
• Vertical glass washing machine (Series VTL COMPACT or VTL DYNAMIC )
• Unloading conveyor washing machine with lamps
• Frame Mounting and Assembling station
• Loading conveyor press
• Automatic Panel Press or Roller Press
• Unloading conveyor press
• Hydraulic tilting/Sealing table end of line (Option)

The available production range is from 1600 up to 3300 mm.

• PLC controlled with touch screen (TS) control panel
• Roller Press or Panel Press developed for quick cycles times
• Noise level within the established standards values (≤ 80 dB)
• Reduced water consumption due to independent recycling flowing systems
• Easy access to mechanical parts
• Kit for Structural (Stepped) IG units (Option)
• Machine manufactured by the foreseen CE / UL / CSA Norms

• Hot melt sealing machine
• Hydraulic/Pneumatic Two-component sealing pump with freezer
• Hydraulic butyl extruding machine
• Pneumatic desiccant filling machine
• Spacer frame cutting machine
• Rotating sealing table
• Automatic bending machine complete of desiccant filling machine
• Automatic sealing robot